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Special Post in lieu of ridiculous news


In lieu of the recent set of news that Nakajima Kento (the one on the left - not that you guys don't know that, just thought i'd make sure you knew) has the desire to be pale. 

How he is working towards being pale: application of sunscreen during the day, walks around with a black umbrella etc. 

Why this is ridiculous: because black absorbs the sun doesn't reflect it and the minimal rays from the sun that are absorbed into your skin is healthy. Example: if he wants around for 10 to 15 minutes then hops on the subway or walks into a building, he will not suddenly become darker all at once.Not even gradually. 10 to 15 minutes won't do him any harm. And umbrella that will bring the light too him will do more harm. So バカけんと!

I'm not saying that his desire to be pale is ridiculous, young guys are outrageously self-conscious especially around Kento's age(16-24). It really only makes sense that skin care is an issue (even if he seems like a girl for caring). It's really more of a cultural thing to care about how white ones skin is. It makes sense that this is something he would care about - as opposed to how Western males feel the need to be muscular and to be able to tolerate large quantities of alcohol. 

His goal to be pale is something I am not going to deem unworthy, only because there are pluses to being pale like less exposure to the sun can possibly reduce the risk of skin cancer. Though, there are cons such as; lack of vitamin D in ones system, the unattractiveness that comes with having your veins showing etc. (i wish I were darker, but I honestly don't like being in the sun too long either >_<) 

However, as an idol looking your best is what comes first to their minds. He's also a piano player, idk, I think of them as very dainty people because they have dainty, thin careful fingers. There was a comment about arama about him gaining a thicker skin rather than white skin (which I agree with whole-heartedly) but if Kento is sensitive and he cares about well, what are we to do? It's not so straight forward as continue or not continue to love him. Though, personally, I feel it's just easier to compromise and give him proper advice on succeeding to be pale instead of fighting it. 

Overall, Kento is being extreme. There are good things and bad things about his desire to have whiter skin however with him being someone many people adore it is easier to compromise then to fight him on this issue. (it's kind of adorable too, i'm not going to lie. We will have a problem when he starts complimenting girls shoes and act as if he would like to be the one wearing them instead). 


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