crazyfaucet (crazyfaucet) wrote,

Happy Birthday Chii-chan

To my dearest Yuri, 

I felt I should leave a more detailed message for you (even though you're in no way in my top 5 favourite JUMP members) but you are climbing slowly with your adorable, confident behavior. You're smiles make me smile too and you're a smart little wise crack who teases people a little too much. But I like it! Please never change. 

I am proud to be able to watch you continue to grow and shine. Continue to enjoy every moment of your life! Make all your dreams come true and I hope you date a wonderful lovely girl in the future that loves you for pure reasons (and not just because she wants in your pants because of your status as a Johnny's talent). 

Forever capture hearts, change lives and inspire people. 

Happy 18th Yuri! 

I hope you had a splendid day! 

xoxox Ryn 


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