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So, today is August 26,2011 and tomorrow will be the 27 ( yes, thank you Laryn telling me, I had no idea /sarcasm) ANYWAYS! Point being that I will not be here this weekend. I am going on a short trip, so if anyone needs anything, leave me a PM or a comment and I will get back to you Monday. 

Also, I wouldn't make a whole post about this if there wasn't more to it because me leaving for a couple days isn't that big of a deal. 

Starting after I finish my remix fic -- around september 3rd -- I will be on semi-hiatus. I spent 4 intense months in fandom and need a small break. I'll be starting school September 8th and want to be able to focus. For me, being on semi-hiatus means that I will not be writing anything new. Sure, there may be something once and a while, but not frequent. I've written so much these last 4 months and i'm stuggling with it. The fics aren't turning out AS good as they should and I have taken on too many requests. 

NO, I WILL NOT BE DROPPING REQUESTS! I will fill out everyones request as well as additional stories that I promised people as Thank Yous! Just be patient they will get there! I promise! Just give me sometime! I want to be able to do the best work humanly possible then rush everything and have it be crap. Then everyone will be disappointed including myself. 

I will be around lj! I am always on lj. I live here now and in fandom but I will not contribute to it as actively. 

I leave you guys with an adorable Yama-chan and his sweet fake smile. See everyone soon! <333

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