December 27th, 2013


Long Time No See!

Hey there,

It really has been a while, hasn't it? How has everyone been? I'm doing okay. :)

I can't say I am returning 100% to this journal or this fandom, I've dug quite a hole in my other one and people seem to like me a bit more over there so I am still going to spend most of my time there. Though, I will still lurk around here when I need to distance myself from the toxic environment that is tumblr (I can only take so many posts about Peeta not being weak without wanting to shoot myself).

I don't know if I'll be writing much for this fandom either, again, my other fandom has a lot more unfinished pieces than this one. (They are pieces I am quite proud of too, well, some anyways).

I was going through some fanfics and noticed a line taken right from Peeta's mouth which made me wonder how many people here are also into The Hunger Games - either fandom wise or just a fic reader or book/movie ethusist. Let me know :)

Anyways, happy holidays! It's nice to bee back amongst the quiet and uneventful. :)

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