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Intro [Because everyone needs one]


Little  tid bits about me that you should know

My name is Ryn (yes,hyphen included), I share a birthday with actor Igarashi Shunji, and turned juukyuu this year. I love to write, go to school, work with my daycare kids and the art class I volunteer in. I also love pens, paper, looking at shoes that I could never wear, words (their power and sound), voices (i'm a sucker for peoples inflections), drinking, photography, stop motion animation and dark quirky things.  

I am an undergraduate university student so my schedule gets kind of hectic and I usually go on a semi-hiatus around exam time (you have been pre-warned). I am really open to things and will not purposely disappoint anyone, I just move a little slowly.

my preferences when it comes to music... 

J-Music:- 9nine, BENI,  Kana Nishino, French Kiss, W7, NO3B, Every Little Thing, Naomi & Goro

K-pop: Big Bang, SNSD, SHINee, Boyfriend, miss A , T-Ara

Western Music: One Direction, Lights, Eleventyseven/The Jellyrox, Foster the People, (Jazz/Bossa Nova as a genre), All Time Low, Marianas Trench, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5

J-actors: Miura Haruma, Toda Erika, Sato Takeru, Aragaki Yui, Nakamiya Hiroki, Abe Hiroshi, Yuki Jutta, Kaneko Nobuaki, Mizushima Hiro, Takeda Kouhei

J-idols: Nakajima Yuto, Takaki Yuya, Kamenashi Kazuya,Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke 

K-idols : G-Dragon, YoonA Im, Jessica Jung, JongHyunn Kim, Onew, Kwangmin Jo, Fei Wang, Suzy 

Jdramas: Ryusei no Kizuna, Nobuta wo Produce, Bloody Monday, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Zenkai Girl


NEWS: Endless Summer, weeeek, Hoshi wo Mezashite, I ZA NA I ZU KI 
HSJ: Too Shy, Endless Dream, Oretachi no Seishun,  Beat Line, Get!!, Super Delicate
KAT-TUN: White X-MAS, Diamond, Perfect, Bokura no Machi de, Crazy Love, Birth, Precious One
ARASHI: 5x10, Hadashi no Mirai, Mada Ue Wo, Ashita no Kioku
KISUAMI: Smile, Kis-My-Calling, Kiss For U, Tell me Why 
MISC J-music : Chewing Gum (AAA), Makenai Kokoro (AAA), No End Summer (AAA) Relax (NO3B), Yokaze no Shiwaze (French Kiss), Candle no Shin (French Kiss), Beginner (AKB48), My World (BENI), Suki dakara (BENI), Koe wo Kisete (BENI) Mou Ichido (dohtzi - t feat. BENI)  Seasons (Jin Akanishi), Eternal (Jin Akanishi), 3 de Maroo (Naomi & Goro)
Misc KPOP:  Genie (SNSD), Reply (SHINee), Hello (SHINee), What do you want ? (G-Dragon), Baby Good Night (GD/TOP), Koe wo Kisete (Big Bang), Beautiful Hangover (Big Bang), Tonight (Big Bang)  Help me (Miss A), Blankly (miss A), Lovey Dovey (T-Ara)

Misc Western Music : Ours (Taylor Swift), Enchanted (Taylor Swift) Last Kiss (Taylor Swift), Suburban Love (Eleventyseven), Silent Symphony (Eleventyseven), Lonely (Eleventyseven), Return the Favor (All Time Low), A Daydream Away (All Time Low), Time-Bomb (All Time Low) Ever After - album (Marianas Trench), Cactus in the Valley (Lights), Banner (Lights) Don't Stop (Foster the People), Love (Foster the People), Dream Weaver (The Jellyrox), Sad Girl (The Jellyrox), All my Bones (The Jellyrox), Bella Luna (Jason Mraz), Stutter (Maroon 5), Kiwi (Maroon 5), The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (RHCP), I'll Hold my Breath (Ellie Goulding), This Love (Ellie Goulding)

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