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As of today: July 12,2012, I, crazyfaucet, will no longer be using this journal for personal use. From as of a few weeks ago, I have been using haka_nai for all my personal entries.

If you wish to continue to read my rantings, you are more than welcome to follow haka_nai. I forewarn, there is nothing JE related on that journal (i would like to keep it that way, thank you).

Read the sticky entry for further information. 




The posts that are open are birthday posts and the misc general posts but nothing personal.

If you are looking for my fanfiction I have moved it all to my community [info]yuuhikasaibai . Please join the community if you enjoy my work and please please do not add me as a friend unless you 1) have PMed me 2) we have or have had a nice chat about fandom or other personal thing previous to the add.

I will not be removing friends and demanding all old friends to re-add me - especially those who i have met in person and I have spoken to previously about many many things. This system is for new friends only. 

I created my community so that I would no longer receive random friend requests from people that just want to read my work. As much as I am flattered, this is used as a personal journal - though my life posts are locked under a custom friend group I still don't really like knowing people I have never spoken to before access to the journal.


Thank you everyone so much for sticking by me this past year and giving me this opportunity to accommodate for all of you with one place. Membership is obviously going to be open! So enjoy and read to your hearts content!



Long Time No See!

Hey there,

It really has been a while, hasn't it? How has everyone been? I'm doing okay. :)

I can't say I am returning 100% to this journal or this fandom, I've dug quite a hole in my other one and people seem to like me a bit more over there so I am still going to spend most of my time there. Though, I will still lurk around here when I need to distance myself from the toxic environment that is tumblr (I can only take so many posts about Peeta not being weak without wanting to shoot myself).

I don't know if I'll be writing much for this fandom either, again, my other fandom has a lot more unfinished pieces than this one. (They are pieces I am quite proud of too, well, some anyways).

I was going through some fanfics and noticed a line taken right from Peeta's mouth which made me wonder how many people here are also into The Hunger Games - either fandom wise or just a fic reader or book/movie ethusist. Let me know :)

Anyways, happy holidays! It's nice to bee back amongst the quiet and uneventful. :)

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Look at how cute the little Irish boy is! <3

As the title says - friendsweep! It's spring so cleaning is afoot and I am following a lot of communities/people that i don't talk to or have any interest in. 

Leave me a comment in this post (with anything you want) to let me know to keep you =P 


Happy Birthday Chii-chan

To my dearest Yuri, 

I felt I should leave a more detailed message for you (even though you're in no way in my top 5 favourite JUMP members) but you are climbing slowly with your adorable, confident behavior. You're smiles make me smile too and you're a smart little wise crack who teases people a little too much. But I like it! Please never change. 

I am proud to be able to watch you continue to grow and shine. Continue to enjoy every moment of your life! Make all your dreams come true and I hope you date a wonderful lovely girl in the future that loves you for pure reasons (and not just because she wants in your pants because of your status as a Johnny's talent). 

Forever capture hearts, change lives and inspire people. 

Happy 18th Yuri! 

I hope you had a splendid day! 

xoxox Ryn 




So, today is August 26,2011 and tomorrow will be the 27 ( yes, thank you Laryn telling me, I had no idea /sarcasm) ANYWAYS! Point being that I will not be here this weekend. I am going on a short trip, so if anyone needs anything, leave me a PM or a comment and I will get back to you Monday. 

Also, I wouldn't make a whole post about this if there wasn't more to it because me leaving for a couple days isn't that big of a deal. 

Starting after I finish my remix fic -- around september 3rd -- I will be on semi-hiatus. I spent 4 intense months in fandom and need a small break. I'll be starting school September 8th and want to be able to focus. For me, being on semi-hiatus means that I will not be writing anything new. Sure, there may be something once and a while, but not frequent. I've written so much these last 4 months and i'm stuggling with it. The fics aren't turning out AS good as they should and I have taken on too many requests. 

NO, I WILL NOT BE DROPPING REQUESTS! I will fill out everyones request as well as additional stories that I promised people as Thank Yous! Just be patient they will get there! I promise! Just give me sometime! I want to be able to do the best work humanly possible then rush everything and have it be crap. Then everyone will be disappointed including myself. 

I will be around lj! I am always on lj. I live here now and in fandom but I will not contribute to it as actively. 

I leave you guys with an adorable Yama-chan and his sweet fake smile. See everyone soon! <333